Entomology in Belgium 2018 - Insects and Nature Management


Threatened habitats are declining in quantity and quality at an ever increasing rate. Nature management aims at maintaining and restoring the unique value of these ecosystems, but how successful are these actions for the typical and endangered critters that still reside in the remaining and restored habitat patches?

The “Insects and Nature Management” symposium, organized by the RBSE, aims at bringing researchers together that evaluate the effect of small and large scale nature restoration programs on the preservation of threatened insect faunas. Which are the “do’s and don’ts” for insect conservation in nature management? How can we evaluate the impact of nature management practices on insect conservation? Which species do we gain and lose under nature management and what characterizes these species?

Combining insights from entomologist, conducting research on different taxa covering a broad range of habitats, will help to improve our predictive capacities of the impact of nature management on one of the most diverse components of Belgian natural ecosystems.

PDF of the presentations

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