Belgian Journal of Entomology 2003

BJE 2003 vol. 5 (1-2)

KONSTANTINOV F.V. - Male genitalia in Miridae (Heteroptera) and their significance for suprageneric classification of the family. Part 1: general review, Isometopinae and Psallopinae (pdf) (34pp)

MIRONOV S.V. - A review of feather mites of the genus Neopteronyssus (Astigmata Pteronyssidae) associated with woodpeckers (Piciformes Picidae) of the Old World (pdf) (41pp)

LERHER A.Z. - La révision du genre Sarcophila RONDANI en Israël et la description de deux espèces nouvelles afro-asiatiques (Diptera Sarcophagidae) (pdf) (9pp)

PECK S.B. & COOK J. - A review of the Oedemeridae (Coleoptera) of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (pdf) (14pp)

KLIMASZEWSKI J. et al. - The effects of forestry practices on the abundance of arthropods (Acarina, Araneae, Collembola, Coleoptera and Diptera) (pdf) (14pp)

TRIAPITSYN S.V. - Description of a new species of Anagrus from China related to A. takeyanus (Hymenoptera Mymaridae) (pdf) (8pp)

HAZRA N. et al. - Life stages of four species of Polypedilum KIEFFER (Diptera Chironomidae) with a new species of the genus from the Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalayas of India (pdf) (13pp)