Belgian Journal of Entomology 2002

BJE 2002 vol. 4 (1)

CHEROT F. - Elements de taxinomie generique des Mirinae (Insecta Heteroptera Miridae ). Vll. Le genre Pseudopantilius REUTER, 1904 (pdf) (14pp)

BONTE D. et al. - Temporal and spatial distribution of epigeic Arthropleona springtails (Collembola Hexapoda) in coastal grey dunes (pdf) (10pp)

MAES K.V.N. - The genus Crypsiptya in Africa with the description of a new species and a world checklist of the genus (Lepidoptera Pyraloidea Crambidae Pyraustinae) (pdf) (6pp)

NGAMO TINKEU L.S. & HANCE T. - Les sensilles du premier somite des larves de Episyrphus balteatus (Diptera Syrphidae) (pdf) (8pp)

BRAET Y. - Contribution to the knowledge of Agathidinae (Hymenoptera Braconidae) from French Guiana with description of two new species of Earinus WESMAEL, 1837 (pdf) (11pp)

BJE 2002 vol. 4 (2)

SOLIS M.A. & MAES K.V.N. -  Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the subfamilies of Crambidae (Pyraloidea Lepidoptera) (pdf) (43pp)

OLIVA A. - A new species of Berosus (Coleoptera Hydrophilidae) from Venezuela (pdf) (7pp)

SHAMSHEV I. & GROOTAERT P. - Notes on the Platypalpus luteoloides complex in Central Asia (Diptera Hybotidae): an example of latitudinal variation in the Palaearctic (pdf) (8pp)

SALGADO J.M. - Data on the genus Adelopsis from Ecuador. Description of five new species (Coleoptera Leiodidae Cholevinae Ptomaphagini) (pdf) (16pp)

SHAMSHEV I. & GROOTAERT P. - A new genus of Microphorinae (Diptera Empidoidea) from New Zealand (pdf) (16pp)

BOCHKOV A.V. & PEREZ T.M. - New quill mites of the family Syringophilidae (Acari Cheyletoidea) parasitizing Mexican parrots (pdf) (15pp)