Belgian Journal of Entomology 2001

BJE 2001 vol. 3 (1)

DESSART P. - Les Megaspilinae ni europeens, ni americains  2. Les Dendrocerus RATZEBURG, 1852, à males non flabellicornes (Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea Megaspilidae) (122pp) (pdf)

FAIN A. & PAULY A. - Notes on phoretic deutonym.phs of mites (Acari) associated with Old World Megachilidae and Anthophoridae (Insecta Hymenoptera), mainly from Madagascar 1. Families Chaetodactylidae, Acaridae, Histiostomatidae and Winterschmidtiidae (Astigmata) (18pp) (pdf)

BRAET Y. - Cladistic revision of the genus Trotricus BRULLE, 1846 (Hymenoptera Braconidae) including descriptions of eleven new taxa and new records for other Mrican Braconids (38pp) (pdf)

Short notes

MAES K.V.N. - Herpetobotys gen. n. with three new species from the Afrotropical region (Lepidoptera Pyraloidea Crambidae Pyraustinae) (8pp) (pdf)

FAIN A. & GROOTAERT P. - A new larval Microtrombidiidae (Acari) phoretic on a Ceratopogonid Fly (Insecta Diptera) from Southern China (6pp) (pdf)

MAES K.V.N. - Pseudognathobotys, new genus with two new species of Pyraustinae (Lepidoptera Pyraloidea Crambidae) (6pp) (pdf)

SAHAYARAJ K. & GABRIEL PAULRAJ M. - Effect of cold storage on egg hatching in two reduviid predators Rhynocoris marginatus FAD. and R. fuscipes FAD. (Hemiptera Reduviidae) (7pp) (pdf)

BJE 2001 vol. 3 (2)

CAMMAERTS R. - Interactions comportementales entre la Fourmi Lasius flavus (Formicidae) et le Coléoptère myrmécophile Claviger testaceus (Pselaphidae ). Ill. Interactions avec les sexués et le couvain. Rapports du Coléoptère avec les cadavres d'insectes et les congénères présents dans le nid (55pp) (pdf)

TRlAPITSYN S. V. - Review of the Australasian species of Anagrus (Hymenoptera Mymaridae) (23pp) (pdf)

FAIN A. & BOCHKOV A.V. - Observations on the taxonomic status of some cheyletid genera (Acari Cheyletidae) (11pp) (pdf)

Short notes

TERZO M.  & RASMONT P. - Ceratina (Lioceratina) velthuisi sp. nov. from Burma (Hymenoptera Apoidea Xylocopinae) (5pp) (pdf)

MAES K.V.N. - Cybalobotys gen. n. with the description of three new species (Lepidoptera Pyraloidea Crambidae Pyraustinae) 8pp) (pdf)