Belgian Journal of Entomology 2000

BJE 2000 vol 2 (1)

DEHARVENG L. - The Workshop Endemism: Introduction (4pp) (pdf)

CONDÉ S. - Endemism and European instruments on nature conservation (6pp) (pdf)

LHONORE J. & BRUSTEL H. - Propositon de Recommandation : Pour la prise en compte significative de l'endémisme dans les listes rouges (6pp) (pdf)

WILLIAMS P., et al. - Endemism and important areas for representing European biodiversity : a preliminary exploration of atlas data for plants and terrestrial vertebrates (26pp) (pdf)

MARTÍN J. - High endemism areas in the Iberian Peninsula (11pp) (pdf)

DEHARVENG L. et al. - Endemism mapping and biodiversity conservation in western Europe: an Arthropod perspective (17pp) (pdf)

HUGOT J.-P. & COSSON J.-F. - Constructing general area cladograms by matrix representation with parsimony : a western palearctic example (10pp) (pdf)

DA GAMA M.M., et al. -  Endemic and rare Arthropod species in High Endemism Areas (HEA) of Algarve (South Portugal) (12pp) (pdf)

CHUST G., et al - The effects of the landscape pattern on arthropod assemblages : an analysis of scale-dependence using satellite data (12pp) (pdf)

GARCÍA-BARROS E., et al. - The geographic distribution and state of butterfly faunistic studies in Iberia (Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Hesperioidea) (14pp) (pdf)

STOCH F. - How many endemic species? Species richness assessment and conservation priorities in Italy (9pp) (pdf)

MORAND S. & Jean-Franyois GUÉGAN J.-F. - Patterns of endemism in host-parasite associations : lessons from epidemiological models and comparative tests (13pp) (pdf)

DOMINGUEZ LOZANO F., et al.- Areas of high floristic endemism in Iberia and the Balearic islands : an approach to biodiversity conservation using narrow endemics (15pp) (pdf)

GURREA P. - Loss of biodiversity due to reafforestation in Central Spain (Lepidoptera Papilionoidea; Coleoptera Curculionidae; Collembola) (22pp) (pdf)

SOUSA J.P., et al - Effect of eucalyptus plantations on Collembola communities in Portugal: a review (15pp) (pdf)

BJE 2000 vol 2 (2)

PERICART J. - Tingidae nouveaux ou interessants collectes en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinee (Heteroptera) (21pp) (pdf)

KLIMASZEWSKI J., UHLIG M. & MAUS C. - Diversity of Aleochara species in Madagascar (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae) (30pp) (pdf)

GRJCHANOV I. - Afrotropical N eurigoninae and notes on the diaphorine genus Dactylonotus PARENT (Diptera Dolichopodidae) (15pp) (pdf)

KLIMASZEWSKII J., et al. - Screening of sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) seedlings for  resistance to the white pine weevil (Pissodes strobi) in a caging experiment (14pp) (pdf)

Short notes

ARDESHIR F. - Preliminary observations on mites associated with stored grain in Iran (7pp) (pdf)

TRIAPITSYN S. V. - A new Anagrus (Anagrella) (Hymenoptera Mymaridae ), apparently associated with psocid eggs (4pp) (pdf)