Belgian Journal of Entomology 1999

BJE 1999 vol. 1 (1)

BRAET Y. - Description of new Braconidae (Hymenoptera) from Papua New Guinea (pdf) (18pp)

DEVRIESE H. - Révision des Xerophyllini d'Afrique (Orthoptera Tetrigidae) (pdf) (79pp)

PAULY A. - Classification des Nomiinae africains. Le genre Trinomia Pauly (Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae) (pdf) (36pp)

TERZO M. - Révision du genre Exoneuridia Cockerell, 1911 (Hymenoptera Apoidea Xylocopinae Allodapini) (pdf) (16pp)

Short notes

GROOTAERT P. & MEUFFELS H.J.G. - Discovery of Terpsimyia semicincta (Becker), a marine dolichopodid fly in the Gulf of Siam (Insecta Diptera Dolichopodidae) (pdf) (7pp)

VAN ASSELT L. - Influence or Acarus siro (Acari Acaridae) acetone extracts on conspecifics (pdf) (5pp)

BJE 1999 vol. 1 (2)

DESSART P. - Révision des Dendrocerus du groupe "halidayi" (Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea Megaspilidae) (pdf) (98pp)

IRMLER U. - Revision of the genus Neolosus Blackwelder, 1942 from South America (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Osoriinae) (pdf) (8pp)

MAGIS N. - Les Allantini de la Belgique et des région limitrophes (Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae Allantinae) (pdf) (36pp)

FERNÁNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ M.M., SALGADO COSTAS J.M. & PAJARES ALONSO J.A. - The seasonal development of the gonads and fat content of Tomicus minor (Coleoptera Scolytidae) (pdf) (14pp)

Short notes

BRAET Y. - Descriptions of new Braconidae (Hymenoptera Braconidae) (pdf) (9pp)

GROOTAERT P. & MEUFFELS H.J.G. - Description of Chaetogonopteron chaeturum sp. n., a very common Dolichopodid fly from South Thailand (Insecta Diptera Dolichopodidae) (pdf) (8pp)